What Does Gold Star Do

One Complete Solution

Retail / Online / Mobile Payment Portal:  Introducing One Solution for all payment types (retail, online, mobile, ACH, Reccuring Billing). This allows you to receive money however your customers want to pay and streamline reporting system to manage your business.  This maximizes pay options for businesses, minimizes payment costs, and helps Business Management streamline reporting and decisions making tools.  Come play in our system and see the technology revolutionizing payments.  Note:  EMV and Apple Pay ready.

Hard to Place

Regulation is getting tighter for companies and their payment needs.  We have an open platform that allows us to choose our processing partners and align Merchants needs with supporting processing banks.  We help legit, but “out of the box” businesses process payments and help them grow.

International Processing

We process for companies with American headquarters and bank account, process payments worldwide in 182 countries and in 38 currencies; including processing the top 5 cards in China.  ALSO, we deposit into bank accounts around the world in these same countries and currencies.  We even ship prepaid cards to these countries and offer an Ewallet solutions for payout management.

Payout Platform

Payout to 182 countries, in 38 currencies direct to their bank account or to a prepaid card.  This includes Ewallet capabilities with almost unlimited amount of bank accounts, customizable deposit percentage options to bank accounts/prepaid cards, and self-enrollment prepaid card program with automated card dispersment around the world.  We offer full accounting reports and tax management capabilities.

Line of Credit

We offer quick credit lines with approvals based on credit card processing volume, not personal credit or guarantee.  Payouts usually happen within 5 business days.  An agreed upon amount or percentage is paid back each month through your credit card processing account.

Rewards Programs

We have gift and loyalty card programs but we have been asked to participate in a credit card association program where the rewards programs can be directly assigned to existing Visa, Discover, and Amex cards.  We also have POS Integrations where loyalty programs are cell phone number driven and receipt text capable.

Mobile Processing

Gold Star Payment Processing offers a phone swipe with no monthly fees and cheaper rates than the square. We can do flat rate accounts, preset tips, integrate into Quickbooks, and even get multi-user reporting all to one account and location. We can provide this and so much more, all with personal customer service. If you are really getting serious, we have several point of sale options for your tablet that can run your business.


We also can process ACH transactions, cheaper than most banks. This means pulling money directly from your client’s account to yours. If you are tired of chasing payments, tired of late checks, or tired of your client’s credit cards expiring, ACH is the answer. It is much less expensive to choose this option than use your credit cards.  With us, it is all processed in one system.

Reccurring Automated Billing

This service is very popular for medical billing departments, memberships, and larger ticket sales.  Our postal is PCI certified to store your clients’ information. It is easy to set up and pulls the money automatically, which saves all our clients time and money.

Line of Credit

Short on cash? Need money for that big show, payroll, or just in case? We can get you a line of credit up to 150% of what you process monthly.  Even though the banks have tightened up, we can get you cash fast, when you need it.


Can you imagine making money every time someone who likes your company uses their debit card? You can make money when your supporters buy groceries, gas, clothes, or pay bills.  You don’t have to sell expensive chocolates to raise money and there is no knocking on doors, hitting up friends or passing on costs to your supporters. When your clients use their debit card to buy normal things, you get a percentage of the card fee that usually goes to companies like Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. It is absolutely powerful for schools, nonprofits, charities, religious organizations and more. We can customize a debit card for your supporters and every time they use their card, at no cost to them, YOU MAKE MONEY. Let us help you increase your cash flow without costing your supporters additional money.

E Wallets

Google has their e-wallet, there is Apple Pay, and there are many more to come.  Rather than just process one type of e-wallet, we help you process them all. If any customers ask to use their phone to pay, we can help you get that all set up.